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Name:Mr. Mr Cokro Lemanto / Mrs Ima [Marketing]
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Mr Cokro Lemanto / Mrs Ima at Surabaya
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Mr Cokro Lemanto / Mrs Ima at Surabaya
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Address:Simo Tambaan Sekolahan no 2 kode pos 60181
Surabaya 60181, Jawa Timur
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Registration Date:Feb. 14, 2007
Last Updated:Dec. 09, 2010
Business Nature:Service of Industrial Supplies category

Company Brief

Spare parts manufacturing company. Jaya Tehnik produces precision parts using High Technology to support industrial needs.
Products varies, such as precision gears ( all type) , precision shaft/ roll for printing, cutting tool/ blade/ slitter for paper/ wood/ plastic/ metal, perforation, cam, emboss, punch& die, stamping, babbit metal , etc.
Adopting advance technology from the West, Most of the products incorporate heat treatment ( deep/ full) and finished with grinding process, including helical and spiral gears. Thus, ensuring accuracy, durability, and lifetime.

Major Products / Services
  • Alat-alat mesin percetakan
    suku cadang mesin cetak Heidelberg, Cromoman, Roland, Seiken, Uniset, Goos Urbanite, Goos Communite, King Press, dll, berupa:
    Rol tinta, Rol air, Rol Teflon, Gigi-gigi presisi, folding blade, gripper, Slitter, Pen Register, Bushing, dll
  • Alat-alat mesin berat, crane, excavator, dll
    gigi Crown wheel, disc brake, coupling, dll.
  • Alat-alat / jasa kebutuhan industri lainnya yg membutuhkan ke-Presisi-an dan Tahan lama
    | Gears :Spur/ lurus, Helical/ miring, Spiral, bevel/ payung, bevel spiral, crown wheel, worm gear, hipoid, planetary gear, gearbox, as gear, dll |
    Cutting tools, Blades, Knives, Slitter, Profile knives utk macam2 bahan: kertas, karton, kayu, plastik, sheetmetal, dll |
    Cam utk tekstil, percetakan, dll |
    Roll/ as/ Shaft (Roll Teflon, Roll Hardcrome |
    Emboss (Flat/ Radius), (2D/ 3D) |
    Bushing | Ring | Piston Ring |
    Pulley , Variable Pulley |
    Clamping tool | Valve Kompressor |
    Hardcrome |
    Telon |
    Babbit metal |
    Flange / flens |
    Universal joint |
    Special / customized Collet & Chuck | Baut khusus |
    Bubut, fres/ milling, Grinding, EDM, Engraving, Punching / Pons dll |
    Sebagian besar Parts kami proses dengan menggunakan bahan mentahan berkualitas, melalui proses Heat treatment (Deep Hardened dlm oven + temper), lalu di finish grinding |

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